World Overview

Gather round. Are you sitting comfortably? Are your bellies full? Are you ready to drift with me, into the twilight realm of story? Good. Then we'll begin. This story is about the quality of light that glitters on the rust of the ruins the human left behind. It's about the journeys we take through this place, and the impossibility of ever truly mapping the nuances of our paths, as they always lead backwards, into lives we never knew. Most of all, it's about dreams. Feel free to drift into dreams as you listen. It's in the spirit of things.

– A storyteller begins their tale

Hundreds of years ago, one species ruled the world. Evidence of this can be seen in the relics and structures they left behind, which still dominate large sections of the land. The reason for the disappearance of these mythical predecessors is unknown, as are most of the details surrounding how they lived: the purposes of their tools, the point of their structures, even what they looked like.

Our story focuses on one particular abandoned city and its surroundings. Once a very modern city, equipped with skyscrapers and high-speed rail travel, its technology has fallen into disrepair and its roads have been overtaken by a sea of greenery. The only vestiges of the incredible technological feats of the humans lie in disused shells of cars and the occasional solar panel which finds itself miraculously intact.

All number of animals reside here, no longer needing to compete to survive thanks to the Blessing of the White Raccoon. The City and its surroundings offer a variety of natural biomes, meaning that just about any creature is able to find an area that suits their needs. Whilst the inhabitants of many areas have banded together to create their own social systems, and travel between areas is common and accepted, there is very little in the way of political links between regions, and most animals answer to no leader.

For more information on the technology and social structures of the world, see Society and Culture.

The City Centre

The most built-up section of the abandoned City is easily identifiable by the imposing Grey Trees which tower over it. While smaller overall than the Suburbs, it is home to far larger and stranger structures – such as the mysterious Gated Place and its metallic guardian, or the labyrinthine White Jungle, in which many young animals convene.

The Suburbs

The largest area of the abandoned City by far, The Suburbs are characterised by their abundance of shelters and the presence of far more open grassy areas than the comparatively barren City Centre. This area is one of the most intensely studied by those who aim to better understand human culture.

The Forest

Just to the West of the ruins of the City lies The Forest, a land of mysterious natural magic which bears only a few signs of human influence. Despite the unease of some animals to enter the forest, its inhabitants are bound tightly together and always willing to welcome an outsider, or to share one of their many wondrous tales.

The Plains

The stretch of golden grassland just South of the City is known as The Plains. The vast monotonous land is broken up by various metallic structures, the purpose of which is unknown, though the many animals who make this area their home gladly use them for shelter from the elements.

The Waterways

North of the City and the forest lies the Great Lake, by far the largest body of water in the area. Though the Empress Penguin claims ownership over all, in reality, her reach only extends as far as the shores. The depths of the lake, and the hungry spirits therein, answer to no authority.

The Underground

Far below the surface lies another City – darker, grimier, home to those more comfortable in the dark. Underground waterways, long since abandoned, and an intricate series of tunnels which connect the entire City, dubbed the Nether Labyrinth, together form the domain of the Rat King, to whom all who venture there must answer.

The animals do not live as they once did.

Legend says that, following the disappearance of the humans, animal-kind was poorly equipped to inherit the world they had been left with. They were in constant conflict, ruled only by their primal instincts.

Seeing this, the mythical White Raccoon decided to bestow a blessing on the waters of the land. This Blessing granted each animal an equal level of sentience and intelligence. It also removed the need for animals to feed upon each other, allowing all to be sated and healthy by consuming only plants, as well as equalising the natural lifespans of all to about 50 years.

It was hoped that, with these gifts, animal-kind could leave behind their old ways and progress together towards a brighter future.

Winter has always posed a unique challenge for the animals, who lack even the most basic techonlogy of fire with which to keep themselves warm. In recent years, however, things have worsened considerably. The reserves of food no longer suffice, as the cold lasts much longer, and those who do not hibernate have had to seek better shelter. Old ways of dealing with the Winter are no longer enough.

And some say this coming Winter will be the toughest yet.

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