Character Creation

In White Raccoon, you play as a sentient, adult animal living in the City or the surrounding area. One of the main themes of the game is the idea of Home and Exploration, so there are some questions asked as part of character creation to get you thinking about how your character thinks about these topics.

You can check out some Sample Characters for more inspiration, and if you have more questions, you can come to the character creation session or email the GMs via

Basic information about your character. We will need your character's:

  • Name
  • Pronouns
  • Species

Please note that all PCs in White Raccoon must be adults.

You also need to write two bios for your character: one private and one public.

The private bio is between you and the GMs. It's where you can tell us the overall concept for your character, as well as their backstory, their goals and motivations, how they spend their time, and any interesting secrets that you don't want other players to know.

The public bio is a short description of your character that will be posted on the Player Characters page, visible to all players. It should contain information that other characters could know about your character. Please at least include your animal species.

  • Appearance: Please also provide a description of your character's appearance. This will also be posted on the Player Character page. It may include not just a physical appearance, such as distinguishing features, but could also include details such as how they move or gestures they make often.

Please tell us where your character considers their home. This can be as specific (e.g. a particular shelter in the Suburbs) or as general (e.g. the Forest) as you'd like. It can also be more metaphorical (e.g. wherever my friends are/ the items I carry with me). It is also acceptable for your character to feel they have no home - if so, tell us why. When you answer this section, please also answer the following questions, to the best of your ability:

  • What are your opinions about your home?
  • What do you treasure most about your home?
  • Do you travel often? If so, why? And if not, why not?

If you would like, you can also give us some characters that are important to you. These can be family, friends, or characters that you live with. This section can be as detailed as you'd like (and you can even leave it empty, if you so choose), but please don't go overboard.

Finally, please list your Abilities and Quirks.


First, select your terrain type. This dictates the terrain that you are most suited to.

Next, select your size type. This determines how many ability points you start with, as well as affecting your likelihood of injury and some other physical characteristics.

Finally, select your Abilities from the list on the Abilities page. These are the things that your character is capable of. If you'd like, you can also provide some more detail on each of them (e.g. if you take Intimidating, tell us what it is that others find unnerving about you).


Quirks are some extra options you can pick to make your character unique. You can choose up to 7 Quirks, with a sum of +1, 0, or -1.

In addition, you can take any number of Playstyle Quirks, as these do not count against your Quirk limit. These are OC Quirks that help us make the game as fun as possible for you, the player. You can also add and remove Playstyle Quirks at any point during the game simply by getting in contact with a GM.

On Tuesday 18th July between 19:00 and 22:00 BST, we are running a character creation session on this Discord server. This is a good opportunity for you to ask questions to the GMs regarding the settings, mechanics, or anything else you might be wondering about. You can join this server even if you won't be able to join the session, as there are text channels for asking questions.

When you are ready to submit a character, please do so through this google form. The deadline for character submission is 23:59 on Thursday 20th July.

We are setting a player cap of 30 players for White Raccoon. If this player cap is met, we will run a ballot to see who will be able to play, in which we will prioritise:

  1. Current students who have not played a Society Game before
  2. Current students who have played a Society Game before
  3. Former students and other non-student OURPGSoc members

Shortly after the character submission deadline, we will make an announcement as to whether a ballot is necessary. If this comes to pass, we will perform the ballot in our GM meeting on Friday, and will email everyone to let them know if they have a place or not during the weekend.

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