Privacy Policy

The members of the White Raccoon GM team are collectively responsible for the personal information we collect about you. You can contact us at if you have any questions about our use of your personal information or if you would like to know what information we have about you.

  • Your real name and personal pronouns.
  • Photographs of you (optionally).
  • Your out of character email addresses.
  • Your contributions and edits to the Wiki.
  • Your emails sent via the in character email system, whether or not from an in character email address.
  • Any specific accessibility requirements you inform us about.
  • Your IP address.
  • Usage data about how you use the Wiki.

Most of the information we collect is explicitly provided by you. Your IP address and Wiki usage data are automatically recorded when you use the website.

  • Your name, pronouns and photograph will be used to identify and refer to you on the Wiki. These will be listed publicly with your character bio. Your name will usually be listed in the form of a first name and initial.
  • Your email address is used to allow us and other players to contact you. Only other players and GMs are able to use the mail system to send emails to addresses other than the GMs.
  • The emails you send will be used by us to monitor what is going on in game.
  • The Wiki usage data may be used for maintaining the website in case of issues.

Apart from the information noted above to be public, we will refrain from sharing your personal information with anyone other than the companies whose services we use to run the website and mail system. Vultr host the server that both the Wiki and the email system run on, so they have access to all of the Wiki contents and usage data and email contents and metadata. Google and Amazon help provide email delivery, so they have access to all of the emails. Amazon and Vultr promise not to use this data except for the purpose of providing the services we use them for. With Google, it's less clear (the Gmail terms apply), but they at least promise not to use the email data for advertising, not that it would be very usable for that in this case anyway.

While your real email address will not appear as the sender to your recipient when you send emails through the game's system, it (and your real name) may still be present in other metadata associated with your email, depending on how your email client is set up.

You may choose to decline to provide us with some of this information, or request that we remove information that we already have about you or delete your Wiki account, but in some cases this may mean it is no longer possible for you to participate in the game.

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