Below you may find two sample characters: Florinda and Djungelskog. These are intended as examples of how one might go about creating a character, and follow the layout shown on the Character Creation page. Players are encouraged to show creativity and have fun!

IC name and pronouns: Florinda Flodiola (she/her)

Animal Species: Wren

Home: The lower floors of the Grey Trees. She loves the lower floors, but feels restricted by them. She treasures most her family and friends who live there too. She travels frequently to other areas of the City, mostly the suburbs, for social reasons. Though never farther afield, nor farther up the Grey Trees, where she truly yearns to go. This is because she feels she has too many responsibilities which tie her down in the lower floors, and her family feel it would be dangerous for her to ascend.

Appearance: A light-brown Wren, short and stout, with friendly eyes and a melodic voice. Very excitable, she flutters her wings as she talks.

Interpersonal links: Mother (Rosetta), Sisters (Primrose, Argent, Whimsy), Friends (Marcus, Kiki)

Private Bio: Whilst she may appear content with her humble life, Florinda longs for more. It began one fateful night when she witnessed a flock of Birds of Prey flying down from the uppermost floor – she was immediately transfixed by them, and since then, has dreamed of ascending the floors herself. The only thing stopping her is the sense of duty she feels toward her family, especially her elderly mother.

Public Bio: Florinda is a sweet, unassumming young songbird. She lives with her mother and three young siblings on the lower floors of the left-most Grey Tree, and can often be spotted flitting about helping the local elderly animals by gathering food for them, or socialising in the Park in the Suburbs. She is most often seen beside her friends since birth, Marcus the Possum and Kiki the Hummingbird.


  • Terrain – Aerial
  • Size – Small
  • Abilities – Better senses (Sharp Eyes), Better senses (Keen ears), Fast, Stealth, Extremophile (Low oxygen)

Quirks: Wanderlust (+ and -), Cartographer (+), Whispers on the Wind (+), Pillar of the community (+), Flight (-), Freeze (-)
Playstyle Quirks: Make me cry, Romance me

IC name(s) and pronouns: Djungelskog, aka 'Skog' (he/him)

Animal Species: Brown bear

Home: The Forest – His home is an unassuming old wooden lodge long since reclaimed by nature. Currently, he is the sole inhabitant. Skog has lived in the old cabin for years; it is where he raised his adopted son Kramig. As a result, he is rather fond of it and has many happy memories there. It is these memories that are dear to Skog – he cannot imagine living anywhere else that is not his cabin or the Forest as a whole. Nonetheless, he does often travel to The Great Lake to visit his oldest friend, Blahaj. The pair have known each other for many years, and Skog deeply treasures the time that they can spend together.

  • Kramig (he/him) – A small, round panda. His adopted son who has since moved out of the cabin to start his own family.
  • Blahaj (he/him) – A blue shark. An old and very close friend of Skog's who he goes to visit now and again at his home in the The Great Lake.

Private Bio: Despite appearances, Skog is an extremely laid-back bear who is most often found sat resting or pondering amongst the groves of the Forest. He is sociable, friendly, and always keen for a conversation with anybody who approaches. But that doesn't mean he isn't prepared to fight. When threatened, or if such a situation arises, it can be the case that he fights, causing his opponents to be intimidated. But such cases remain few and far between. He upholds a good reputation within the Forest community, being a warm, open figure for all who interact with him.
He doesn't actually long for much except a genuine connection with anybody he comes across. Skog is always open to making new friends, especially since his adopted son, Kramig, moved out, in order to start his own family. The cabin has always been awfully quiet ever since Kramig left. But Skog couldn't ever dream of leaving it: that has always been his home.
He always keeps a stash of berries, honey, and other sweet treats with him. Those are his favourites. One easy way to befriend Skog is to offer him something sweet; nearly all who offer do.

Public Bio: This big brown bear always greets you with open arms. He is huggable, lovable, and a great companion. He is approachable to all, and always polite and friendly. He is most often found sitting amongst the groves of the Forest, pondering. In particular, Skog is a big fan of berries and other sweet fruits.

Appearance: He is a large, chunky brown bear with particularly long and fluffy fur. At first glance, he may appear quite threatening due to his size, stature, and powerful paws with long, sharp claws on each, but, once you get close, his large brown eyes have a kind air about them.


  • Terrain: Terrestrial
  • Size: Big
  • Abilities: Better senses (Keen ears), Better senses (Strong nose), Intimidating

Quirks: Whispers on the Wind (+), Hoard (+), Pillar of the Community (+), Homebound (+/-), Not All Who Wander Are Lost (-), Fight (-).
Playstyle Quirks: Hit Me Harder, Make Me Cry, Romance Me, Mindbender

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