If a character receives a major injury during the course of the game, this will be represented by the character being given a negative Quirk. Injury Quirks will vary from case to case based on the nature of the injury. Some may limit the use of an Ability in some way, while others may introduce other obstacles for the character, such as strenuous activity being more painful or stopping the use of a basic sense.

As the effect of an injury changes based on the nature of the injury itself, so too does the healing process. Injuries heal by themselves over time. This will be indicated in the description of the Injury Quirk.

However, for some injuries, it may also be possible for them to worsen. For example, if a character pulls a muscle but continues to overwork it, the injury may progress to something more severe. This will be indicated in the description of the Injury Quirk, and GMs will signpost when an action has potential of affecting an injury in this way.

In White Raccoon, we do not expect severe injuries to be overly frequent. In order to get an Injury Quirk, a player character would need to put themselves in great danger. The GMs will signpost such dangers beforehand, so there will not be any unexpected injuries.

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