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Welcome to White Raccoon, the 2023 Summer Society Game. In this game, players will play as animals, made sentient by the Blessing of the mysterious White Raccoon, living in a world long devoid of humans, but not of their influence. The game will focus on the animals living in and around an old human city reclaimed by nature known to its inhabitants only as The City. With Winter approaching, the player characters must work quickly to prepare before the deep freeze sets in. Some will aim to work together to gather food stocks to last out the long nights; others will seek to find shelter alone. Still others will seek out forces beyond even what the humans understood in search of survival, and perhaps even find answers beyond that.

White Raccoon will be an online game with Emails and Turnsheets. Uptimes will take place once every two weeks via Discord on Tuesdays 19:00-22:00 BST. Emails will occur from the end of Uptime to 22:59 on Thursday of the same week. Turnsheets will need to be completed by players on that same Thursday evening by 23:59. The GMs will aim to get their written response back to you by the Monday immediately preceding the next Uptime.

A week before the first Uptime, there will be a character creation session held on Discord. This session is intended to allow players to ask the GMs more questions about the game and possible character concepts, as well as collaborating with other players to create pre-existing character relationships. Joining the character creation session is NOT necessary to play in the game, and you are welcome to submit a character even if you did not attend the character creation session. The character creation session will be held on this Discord server.

After the final Uptime there will be a Debrief session, during which players can discuss their characters in depth, reveal secrets, and ask GMs questions about the game.

Session number OC Date IC date
Character Creation Tue 18th July N/A
Session 1 Tue 25th July Early Autumn
Session 2 Tue 8th August Mid Autumn
Session 3 Tue 22nd August Late Autumn
Session 4 Tue 5th September Early Winter
Session 5 Tue 19th September Mid Winter
Session 6 Tue 3rd October Late Winter
Debrief Fri 20th October N/A

This Wiki is designed to give you all the information you could possibly need to play the game, including IC information about the world and OC information about how the game will work. Crucially, you do not have to have read the entire Wiki to be able to have an enjoyable experience of the game. Below are a few suggestions on where you should focus your readings if you don't have time to read everything.

  • Make sure you read the Conduct and Themes page so you know which themes are allowed to occur in game.
  • If you haven't played a Society Game before, or haven't played one on Discord, check out the Playing the Game page for some information on how Uptimes and Downtimes will work.
  • For a summary of what to expect from the game tonally, see the Style and Tone.
  • If you want information about the world, check out the World Overview, then read through some of the region pages and Organisations on the sidebar.
  • For information on how to make a character, go to Character Creation and read the Quirks and Abilities pages. If you'd like to see an example of a character, see Sample Characters.
  • Finally, if you want to test out wiki syntax, or simply do some good old-fashioned shitposting, please head over to Playground. This is a page where players are encouraged to go wild, and given free rein to joke around as they please.
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